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img_7058img_7056img_70611l&gpixmail_3Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones is a concert movie first released in 1974.

It was filmed during 4 shows in Ft. Worth and Dallas, Texas during the band’s 1972 North American Tour in support of their classic 1972 album “Exile On Main St”.

“Ladies and Gentlemen…” utilized the four magnetic striped “Foxhole Perforation” 35 mm film format pioneered by Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” in 1939.

However, unlike “Fantasia” the four magnetic tracks were used to create four discreet channels — two on either side of the screen, and two on either side of the rear of each theatre.

The purpose of the quadraphonic sound recording was to transform the 650 seat motion picture theatre auditorium into the auditory phenomenon of a 10,000 seat rock ‘n roll arena. The film began before most audience members even realized it: a black screen and quadraphonic audience noise fooled theatergoers into accepting the recorded…

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  1. Loved it Gary! I remember seeing “Ladies And Gentlemen” in Boston in May of 1974. I was 13 years old and it was life-changing at the time. Until the following year (June 1975) when I saw them live at the Boston Garden! Thanks for the great read.

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