The hunt for pictures of Keith Richards’ skull and lightning bolt belt chain ends.

First it started with finding this Rolling Stone cover with Mick and Keith.
Then I noticed the belt chain in the picture….Hmmmmm that looks kinda familiar.
Then it led me to finding out who shot the cover.
(Turns out it was photographed by known music and celebrity photographer, Mark Seliger.)
Then I found the photo.
Then I was able to blow up the section of the photo to better see the belt chain.
Then I tracked down the tour he wore this on, “Bridges To Babylon.”
Then I researched tours both before and after that tour.
Then I went online to find photos.
Then I found tons of pictures of Keith with the chain hanging from his belt loop.
Then I see the lightning bolt and skull.
Then I was happy.

As my wife tells my daughters, “Do your homework.”


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