Mick Jagger thinks about stuff. Like how to sell more records and make more money.

Rare French Tattoo You 3-D display.

Rare French Tattoo You 3-D display.

This is an incredible grouping of rare items that’s gives you a peek into the mind of a marketing genius.

Mick Jagger.

The head of the Stones business empire from day one was concerned and spent countless hours thinking about maximum sales potential, the band’s marketability and how they could always do a better job.
A perfectionist when it came to recording, selling records and how marketing played a role in both.

Here’s a collection of handwritten notes and thoughts about how they might do a better job at selling in his words, “The last Stones studio album till 1983,” their newest album “Tattoo You.”

Tattoo You was released in 1981.
“Start Me Up” was released in August 1981, just a week before Tattoo You, to a very strong response, reaching the top 10 in both the U.S. and the U.K. Widely considered one of their most infectious songs, it was enough to carry Tattoo You to #1 for nine weeks in the US, while reaching #2 in the UK with solid sales. It has been certified four times platinum in the US alone. The critical reaction was positive, many feeling that Tattoo You was an improvement over Emotional Rescue and a high-quality release. “Waiting On A Friend” and “Hang Fire” became popular Top 20 US hits as well.

Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tattoo_You

These notes written by Jagger, were given to Art Collins President of Rolling Stones records, to bring to a meeting to convey Mick’s thoughts, suggestions and concerns.

Check it out.

micknotes001 micknotes002 micknotes003 micknotes001_2 micknotes002_2

Description from Jeff Gold of Recordmecca from his website. Mick's single picks for Tattoo You.

Description from Jeff Gold of Recordmecca from his website. Mick\’s single picks for Tattoo You

micksinglepics002IMG_2820Now on exhibit at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.


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