When Keith Richards uses your office as a closet, what do you do?


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.40.44 PMArt Collins Vice President of Rolling Stones Records from 1981-1986,
experienced a thing or two in his time with the band, as this post and story will attest to.
Like his office being used by Keith Richards to store various items of clothing.
Specifically the black leather jacket you see pictured.
When I bought this item, I was as fascinated by the story,
as I was being able to buy such an iconic item belonging to the legend himself.

What really defines a rock star?
Many things I imagine.
Obviously their music first and foremost.
But then, a close second has to be their style.
And what describes “The Human Riff,” better than one of his many leather jackets.
In building my collection I’ve always had an eye to collecting items that truly capture the spirit and the essence of the individual.
In the case of Keith Richards, he has for me defined what Rock and Roll is.
In his music, and his lifestyle.
The true definition of Rock and Roll excess.

Here’s the letter from Art describing the circumstances in which he came upon Keith’s jacket as well as an article in a trade magazine describing the clothes Art speaks of piled up in his office on his couch.




This jacket was on loan at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame for The Rolling Stones 50 Years of Satisfaction exhibit.

I went to visit my jacket this past spring at the opening of the show.

Greenberg-rockhall (24 of 39)IMG_2698IMG_2699IMG_4450My jacket is leopard lined and from the late 70’s – early 80’s.

The trunk shown below is Keith’s wardrobe trunk from the same period. It’s currently on display at the Saatchi Gallery for The Rolling Stones “Exhibitionism” show. You can see a 1981 tour sticker in red on the side of the trunk.


Hmmmmm….I have a hunch this trunk may have carried my jacket. Just a hunch.




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