2%. Like milk. Only Cancer.


I guess you could call this my second installment of my journey after being diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma back in January of this year.

9 plus months later after dozens and dozens of tests, hundreds of pills, 3 bone marrow biopsies, a bunch of cat scans, I’m officially done with chemo and finally received the results of my treatment.

“You have 2% residual cancer in your bone.” My response….”Aaaaah ok? is that good?” My Doctor’s response. “Yes.” My response. “Ok then.”

I’ve been told I’m in what’s called “partial remission.” Not full, but partial. Like 2% milk, Not fat free. Not 1%.

You take what you can get I guess. I should consider myself blessed. The treatment worked. Knocked most, almost all of this fuckin’ shit out of me. Hopefully the pill regimen I’m on for the rest of my life will kill the remaining 2%.

Fingers crossed.

It’s still so hard to process all this. Wondering IF you are cured. Is IT coming back? If so, when? Or maybe…..it won’t come back. Maybe?

I’m still learning lots from this experience. Still finding out things about myself I never knew. Still finding out what’s important. What isn’t. Who matters. Who doesn’t.

Collecting has allowed me to escape from the reality of this shitty situation. I’ve had incredible support from people I barely know. Friends on Instagram. Facebook friends. Blog friends. Mostly strangers. Go figure.

I recently did one of those dumb ass tests on Facebook to find out 5 facts about myself.

Here it is.


Friends, numero uno.

So fascinating given my situation. But yes, sooooo right on.

Keep your friends close. Tell them often how much your appreciate their friendship. Be there for them when they need you. Be there for them when they don’t. Check in on them. Say something nice to them when you think they need it. Protect them. Treasure them.

Their love and friendship is the rarest thing you own.

Peace and Love.

Gary Rocks







  1. Oy Gevalt!

    If the doctor says “yes,” to the question “is that good?” that’s a promising thing – especially if they don’t follow up with “but.” They don’t say “yes” unless they REALLY feel safe saying so… Its a liability thing.

    If they didn’t say “full remission” it must drive you a little crazy… I hate that for you, GG…

    As a cohort in this version of crime, with 21 years since my last treatment and 18 years since I heard the words “full remission” I still wonder (worry) whenever I feel off… “Could it be?” “Is it back?” SO – I can only imagine how underwhelming your report is… Oy gevalt sommore.

    All in all, we’re best to take care of ourselves as well as we can, learn to truly value each moment and be grateful for the love in our lives.

    I miss you, Gary. Been crazy, been good, been keeping you in my prayers (my version of prayer). Would love to spend some time over a bite to eat – at a place with table cloths… Near your office? Make a date? Whaddaya think?

    Hugs and kisses, kg

    keith garde President/CEO

    375 Hopping Brook Rd Holliston, MA 01746 Mobile: (617) 872-0120 keith@pkamanagement.com


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