On the road again. Set lists and road cases. The Doors, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver.

Gary Rocks. A blog about collecting Vintage Rock and Roll Memorabilia.

Sometimes you get bored with collecting. At least I do. Collecting what everyone else does. Chasing the same things. Bidding in the same auctions. This for me usually leads to frustration, which usually leads to focusing on an area of collecting that I haven’t had much interest in, and maybe others aren’t paying any attention to.

It also means opening my eyes to wonderful new pieces I have ignored in the past. It usually broadens my collection, and if I’m lucky, I end up with a few truly amazing items.

Like these.

-1photo 4photo 3IMG_4371IMG_4367photo 2photo 1IMG_7614IMG_7613IMG_7612IMG_7611Or this one.

A vintage Aerosmith Road Case from the Leber Krebs days, circa 70’s.

Not sure what it held. Center stage could mean anything. A monitor maybe? This is also one of those items you don’t need a roomful of, one will do.

image_2image_1 Steven finding an additional use for a road case during one very hot night…

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