I know why Mick and Keith gave Gram Parsons their pants, he didn’t have any.

A completely weird story. Another eBay find.
Listed as Mick Jagger’s pants, given to Gram Parsons as a gift.

keithparsonsrq9Like who would want these besides me?
So I bookmark the page, watched and waited.
No takers.
When stuff like this shows up on eBay and it often does, it usually doesn’t sell.
It’s easy to assume they’re fake with no reasonable back up or provenance.

Opening bid was $2000. Not cheap if you don’t know.

I emailed my friend Jeff Gold of Recordmecca in Venice, CA, and asked him what he thought, and was this listing legit.
They were described as pants belonging to Mick, then given to Gram Parsons as a gift.

IMG_5225 mickpants2 IMG_5228He contacted the seller after the auction and found out the original owner these were being sold for was none other than John Nuese, Parsons’ former International Submarine band mate and longtime friend.
They were his and Parsons had given them to him personally.

A deal was struck.
I got the pants.
Jeff got 2 Gram’s stage worn cowboy shirts and a pair of boots.

A hand written letter came from Nuese verifying the authenticity of the pants, the date they were given to him, and that not only did they belong to Mick and was worn by him, Keith also wore the pants.

The letter says “used by Mick and Keith.”

IMG_6010_2I’ve spent a considerable amount of time online trying to track down pictures of either Mick or Keith wearing light blue velvet pants.

Most of the photos I’ve found from this period are black and white. That doesn’t help a shit load.

From what I could find, it does appear that velvet pants were a staple in “Rocks Stars” wardrobes back in the early 70’s when these date from.

Check out these photos.

Picture 1_5 Picture 14 tumblr_lpfur4LlLp1r148zv_2stones1967_16Picture 13Here’s a picture of both Keith and Gram. Keith wearing what appear to be velvet pants.

IMG_5173While it’s nearly impossible to tell if any of these photos of Mick or Keith are in fact wearing THESE pants, it’s clear they liked their velvet pants.

They are now framed and hang in my office.

IMG_8743Happy Hunting.


Gary Rocks.


  1. Thanks Donn. I’ve had these awhile and already posted on them. I recently ran across all the photos I’ve found so reposted. For some reason can’t find any color photos from this time period.

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