Collecting Ringo. Yes, Ringo.


Maybe it’s because I’m a drummer.

And drummers like drummers.

If you are a collector or lover of rock n’ roll memorabilia of any kind, you have to appreciate what The Beatles have to offer.
Suffice to say you could live a long, healthy, and expensive lifestyle and still not have it all.
Perhaps the most merchandised band in the history of music, I decided to focus my attention on collecting one Beatle, my favorite Beatle, Ringo.

While it may seem like insanity to collect only “one Beatle” when 99% of the merchandise produced was of the entire band, I’ve managed to build a respectable collection of just Ringo items while adding a handful of key pieces with the band.

image_5So where the hell do you begin?

Let’s start with Ringo’s first band, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

I picked up this vintage photo of Ringo waving his sticks around at a show.

An extremely rare vintage pre-fame photograph of Ringo Starr in his pre-Beatles band, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. This was taken by Beatle friend and “Mersey Beat” photographer Brian Matthews. Printed and filed away in in 1961, it was rediscovered in late 1964 and printed as an exclusive in the January 1965 issue of”16 Magazine.” On the reverse are publication notes from 16, and Matthews handwritten notes “Aug/Sept 1961. The Jive Hive” alias St Luke’s Church Hall, north Liverpool. Ringo had previously complained that as drummer he was always small and in shadows at back of photos–& on this session decided to steal the limelight by force–inducing the stage to chases in the process. This is Ringo with his old group–Rory Storm & The Hurricanes (Rory holding Mike.)”

This photograph comes from the archive of “16” editor Gloria Stavers, and her copyright stamps also appear on the back. Pre-fame photographs of the Beatles (printed at the time) are extremely rare and desirable, and this one is a beauty.

Screen shot 2014-07-27 at 2.32.09 PM





-A handbill for ‘Countryside Hepland’ which took place at the Mersey View Jive Hive on March 31st 1961. Features Rory Storm And The Hurricanes with Ringo Starr on the drums on the bill. The handbill comes from the collection of Ty O’Brien, lead guitarist in Rory Storm And The Hurricanes.

-An original Rory Storm And The Hurricanes business card that dates to 1959/1960. The reverse side of the card features a list of the group’s achievements up to 1959, interestingly the final listing is the ‘Carol Levis Final’ at the Liverpool Empire. This saw an entry from another local group ‘Johnny And The Moondogs’ who would go on to be arguably the biggest group in the world, The Beatles. The business card comes from the collection of Ty O’Brien, lead guitarist in Rory Storm And The Hurricanes.

-An original 1960s 8 x 10 black and white studio photograph of Ringo Starr. The photo is believed to have been taken shortly after Ringo had joined The Beatles in August 1962. Mersey Sounds Ltd. stamped verso.

-An original black and white 8 x 10 photograph of Ringo Starr which was taken during a rehearsal session at the Cavern Club on August 22nd 1962. Peter Kaye photography stamped verso. The photograph is a later printing from the original negative.

While items from Ringo’s Rory days and early Beatles are not that easy to come by, they are still fun to look for and collect.

Vintage Beatle items.

Get ready to drop some coin. More than enough here to go broke on.

Many of these now ridiculously pricey items were produced for each member of the band.
So there are still plenty of “Single Ringo” items you can buy.
For starters….dolls, toy drums, shampoo, Halloween costumes, posters, books and pins.

Then of course there are autographs and signed items. There usually are decent examples of 1963-1964 signatures around of Ringo that can be bought depending on what they are on, for under a $1000.

Here’s a few cool and some very rare Ringo items.

Screen shot 2014-07-27 at 12.37.37 PMimage_3 imageScreen shot 2014-06-14 at 9.12.33 PMimage_6image_6image_5image_4image_2imageIMG_7665


The Ringo drums by Selcol and Mastro are probably the rarest of the Ringo produced items. Near mint and complete in the box, can run in the several thousands.

I recently paid $70 for just a stand for one of my drums.

The Remco dolls are pretty easy to come by. Again condition and in the box bumps the price up considerably.

The costume is pretty damn rare and doesn’t show up that often. I found mine on ebay for a pretty decent price. The “Paint Your Own Beatle” is almost impossible to find these days.


Maybe one of the coolest non-licensed Beatle toys was this one.

Battery operated Arthur A-Go-Go. Often shows up out of the box. But the box is what makes it killer and worth collecting.

Hmmmmm, is that Ringo on the box?



Then comes the Yellow Submarine era….plenty there to keep you busy as well.

I don’t own one single YS item. Not even this guy. One of the four sub banks.

Screen shot 2014-07-27 at 3.15.25 PMAfter you’ve exhausted your wallet with 1963-1968 items, you could certainly move onto your Beatle’s own solo career.

Now it gets a bit more interesting as well as challenging.

Check out my new post which includes rare promo items from Ringo’s Solo career.


Gary Rocks


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