Donn Bennett has probably heard every drummer joke ever made. And he loves them all.

I’d like to introduce Donn Bennett to my followers and readers.
I’ve had the pleasure of recently meeting and connecting with Donn.
We shared hours of great conversation.
He is someone who shares my passion for drumming, drummers and rare memorabilia.
Donn has met everyone over the years.
Yes, everyone….Charlie, Ringo, Ginger, Alan, Joey to name a few.
And when they signed things for him it’s not just their name, it’s usually something like “Thanks Donn.”
The treasures he has collected over the years cannot be believed.
From the greatest drummers of all time.
Buddy Rich, Elvin Jones, Hal Blaine and Gene Krupa.
He has it all.
Be prepared to drool……
The following is a piece written by him.
The pictures here were provided by Donn and are only the tip of the iceberg on his enormous collection of drum heads, signed heads, cymbals, accessories and vintage kits.
Gary Rocks.
Here’s Donn with Ringo and Jeff Chonis, Ringo’s drum tech in Seattle.
DSCN3574photo 2Picture 4
Picture 7
Charlie and Donn backstage at the Wachovia Center in Philly circa 2005.
Picture 5DSCN3591
image_2 image_3 image_4 Picture 10
Here’s Donn and Joey Kramer at the Ludwig booth at the NAMM Show in Anaheim.
Here’s a picture of Donn and Alan White with Mr. Ginger Baker at the Jazz Alley in Seattle. Beware….
Picture 8

“Like most people who work in some area of the music business (other than a performer)

I started out wanting to be a rockstar.

Along the way I discovered there are lots of areas in the music world that I was interested in.

One of them was collecting vintage drums and music memorabilia.

These interests evolved into opening Donn Bennett Drum Studio in 1996. DBDS is a drum school and store in Bellevue WA.

The store is a full line Five Star Drum Shop but also specializes in vintage and collectible drums.

Our customers include some of the biggest drummers of our time. It’s been an amazing experience getting to work closely with so many of the drummers who have influenced me for my entire life.

Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts and Alan White are just a few of our regular customers.

Over the years I amassed a huge collection of drums, cymbals, sticks, heads, autographs and artifacts from these great drummers.

Much of the collection is on display in the shop but most of it is packed away in boxes as there is simply not enough room to display it all.

In October of 2013 I decided to sell the shop and focus entirely on dealing in rare, and collectible drums and memorabilia.

It took me about 6 months to list much of my collection on my new website.

There’s about 200 items up there now and I’ve probably got as many still left to post.

I keep turning up boxes packed with amazing treasures that I packed up and forgot about years ago.

At first I was reluctant to let go of some of my treasures but I’m actually getting a huge thrill out of meeting other collectors and finding new and appreciative homes for my stuff.

Plus, new stuff keeps finding me.

I used to have to really hunt to find this stuff.

Now it finds it’s way to me.”




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