Rock n’ Roll never forgets. And neither do the buyers with fat check books. Auction prices soar.

There has been no shortage of hungry hearts these last few weeks on the auction circuit. Record prices being set at Julien’s, Sotheby’s and Tracks UK. The Boss leads the pack capturing the most outrageous price paid for a draft of his epic masterpiece “Born To Run,” doubling the pre-auction estimate.

An unidentified bidder scored the handwritten, working lyric sheet to the Boss’ rock “Born To Run” for an eye-popping $197,000 at a Sotheby’s auction in New York City. The opening bid on the sheet of notebook paper with 30 handwritten lines was $40,000.

“The First Fully Signed ‘White Album’ Ever To Be Auctioned Expected To Realise Over £100k At Auction Taken In Lieu Of A £100 Debt In The Seventies By London Man.” On-line Bidding Begins On 22 November 2013 At This baby brought a whopping 114 pounds, in USD $186,000.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Julien’s auctioned off dozens of rare items consigned by Erin Everly, the ex-wife of Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose. Among the rarities were love letters, journals, and his AMA award that brought $24,000.
Picture 2
It would appear that rock n’ roll memorabilia is finally being recognized as a legit form of investment. I hope these buyers get a good solid return. It’s hard to know what to buy and how much to spend. In most cases there is no precedent. Many of these rarities are first time to market items, never seen before and likely not to be seen again.
I just buy what I like.
What speaks to me.
Maybe it’s something I can look at and admire like a piece of art.
A gig poster, or a signed album.
Or something that commemorates a point in time or history of the artist or band. A certain show played on a certain date.
I see a growing trend in personally owned items.
Handwritten notes, lyrics, awards, and stage worn clothing.
Autographs depending what they are signed on, are still bringing very strong prices at auction, as seen with The White Album.
If you check out the Julien’s auction of Erin Everly items, the little handwritten notes from Axl to her brought insane prices. I guess the closer a collector can get to the “inside life” of the artist, a behind the curtain look if you will, the more that piece seems to be worth.
Gary Rocks.

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