The shirt off Axl Rose’s back? Nah….even better.

Every so often in collecting something comes along you just have to have. Something so unique you think, I may never see something like this again. This would be one of those “things.”

I say “things” because this is probably not for everyone. But it was for me.

Axl Rose’s faded blue/black Levi jeans from the late 80’s.

Here’s the story behind them.

Patricia Degen wrote this piece about getting the infamous front man’s pants….

“Many years ago I read piece by an author called “The Most Memorable Character I Ever Met.” After reading the article I asked the same question of myself. One of the top 3 on my list was Axl Rose. It has become quite apparent, my experience with Axl differs from his public persona. However, it is exactly the same as people who actually knew him.”

“Axl had a great dog named Torque. Axl’s girlfriend Erin had a dog named Geneva. She was a model and took Geneva with her everywhere. I would go over and watched Torque when Axl was gone….and open his bags of fan mail too. Now there’s some entertainment…..holy moly.”

Picture 12

“So one day,  I asked Axl if I could have these black Levis of his as I could not find a pair that fit me anywhere. He said “sure”. I kept them all these years not because they were Axl’s or reminded me of him at all….trust me, but because they reminded me of  his dog, Torque.”

“I love dogs. Rocks stars? Not so much.”

Picture 13

Axl & Torque

The jeans.

Greenberg-axelrose (1 of 5)  Greenberg-axelrose (3 of 5) Greenberg-axelrose (5 of 5)

So, why buy an item like this?

I have always collected and loved artist worn and stage worn clothing. Rock is as much fashion as music. The two go hand in hand.

My recent trip to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame may have had an influence.

Their collection of clothing is simply mind boggling.

It may not be one of his bandanas. Or his kilt.

But hey, it’s a start.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Photos Copyright Marc Canter-Reckless Road

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