Unruly, angry, drunk and incredibly obnoxious fans welcome The Rolling Stones to Boston. Gotta love that dirty water.

Maybe it was because the Bruins were in the playoffs.

Maybe it was because we’ve had a couple of very, very difficult and painful months here.

Maybe we all needed to blow off a little steam.

Whatever it was, it was nothing short of disgraceful.

I’ve been to my share of Stones shows. Both the old Boston Garden, and TD Garden as it is now known. Fenway Paaaaahk for the Bigger Bang kickoff tour. And of course Foxboro. I have never seen or experienced a crowd like I did on June 12th 2013, the first show of the Stones “5o and Counting” Tour that hit Beantown. Frankly, I was beyond excited to be there. Which quickly turned into embarrassed to be there.




Did I mention drunk?

And from what I’ve been told, this behavior was widespread throughout the Garden that night. There was no security to speak of attempting to manage these Massholes either. Crazy…TD Garden needs a lesson in making sure these drop-dead drunks don’t even get into the venue, let alone continuing to serve these freakin’ losers.

Whew…. Ok enough venting.

On with the show….

Picture 10image_8

I had incredible seats. Loge 13, Row 10.

A perfect view of the left side of the stage.

They started off rocky in the first three numbers, finding their groove.

“It’s Only Rock and Roll” was a bit rough…but by the time they hit “Gimme Shelter” all hell broke loose, yup they found it.

IMG_0364 IMG_0362IMG_0382

Lisa killed it as usual on “Gimme Shelter.” Here she is doing her thang.

Their special guest was Gary Clark Jr. The song was “Goin Down.”




Ronnie was on fire. As was Gary Clark.

“Honky Tonk Women” brought the crowd to it’s feet singing with a great animated pieces projected on stage.

Keith did his acoustic thing for “You Got The Silver” while Mick rested a bit, and had a wardrobe change.

Then back to his Micawber for “Before They Make Me Run.”



The highlight for me was seeing Mick Taylor on stage with the boys.

If I could hear the Stones play only one song, it would be “Midnight Rambler.” I did and they didn’t disappoint.


Unfortunately I got hit in the face and missed the next two songs, ironically it was “Miss You” and “Start Me Up.”

I spent them crawling around on the beer soaked floor looking for my eyeglasses that were knocked of my face by the drunk next to me.

Awesome right!?

Aaaah not really.


Mick was in fine form throughout the night. As was the rest of the band. Charlie holding the backbeat as Keith and Ronnie ripped off riffs and solos.

All in all a great show despite the crowd. Which as you know can kill a show as well as make one.

Picture 10Encore was great. Choir and all for You Can’t Always….

But given my night I would have renamed this show, “No Security- Part Two.”


Gary Rocks.


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