Guns N’ Roses set lists. Another collecting obsession, thanks in part to Marc Canter.

I must admit after collecting RNR memorabilia for almost 15 years, I really had no deep interest in collecting set lists.

I assumed most were all copies, there were dozens and dozens made for each show, and they had no real value.

That was until I bought Reckless Road by Marc Canter.

When I saw Marc’s incredible collection of early GNR set lists and flyers, I quickly changed my tune. I found them fascinating. The different styles of writing, the various notes on them and the condition they were found in. These crumpled, torn, taped, beer and sweat stained, handwritten and copied concert gems often duck taped to the stage by guitar techs, were pieces I had to add to my collection.

Slash appears to have written most, if not all of the GNR set lists. His handwriting style or printing is very distinctive and he has a very specific style to certain letters. Check out the G’s. They are usually all written the same way. He approached writing the way an artist would. And he IS an accomplished artist.

In the early days Slash was the driving force behind the design of the band’s gig flyers. Often creating the original art and handwriting for them. He has an incredible ability to create intricate and interesting hand lettering.

*Check out Marc’s book to see early examples of his handiwork for his own bands, Tidus Sloan and Roadcrew.


The “Welcome To The Jungle” video set list. As verified by Marc and Slash through Matt Sorum. This is THE original written in black marker by Slash himself. My only original, and not a bad one to have.



Also in Slash’s hand this set list from the 1988 show at the Celebrity Theatre. A cool little drawing by Slash on the bottom. He liked this little guy. You can find him wearing a shirt with this face on it in many early GNR photos. Here’s the shirt on the front of Kerrang! magazine in 1988. I imagine the shirt came first, then the drawing.



The Paradise Club Boston set list, Oct 27, 1987. GNR’s very first Boston show.

I got Slash to sign this for me when he came to the House of Blues recently.


IMG_1189Here’s the original.



The Orpheum Theatre Boston set list, May 11, 1988. GNR’s second Boston show. Tickets to the shows the set lists come from are also cool to collect. Makes a nice grouping to frame up together.

Here’s are the ticket stubs from both Boston shows with the Boston Globe review for the first one in 1987 at the Paradise.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4image image_1Above is a later Velvet Revolver set list pulled from Slash’s side of the stage. You can see a footprint on it.


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