Hiro and The Rolling Stones. The Black and Blue Album cover.

Check out one of the finest Rolling Stones items in existence–the original album cover artwork for the Stones 1976 album Black and Blue.   This is the actual photograph used to produce the album cover, taken by the legendary Japanese fashion photographer Hiro.

As former Atlantic Records Vice President/Creative Director, Graphics Bob Defrin explains in his letter of authenticity, “Many years ago, before digital print production, artwork for printing was prepared on boards which would then be sent out to be converted to printing films.  This would include typography and photographs, whether prints or transparencies.  This would entail the need for storage once the material was returned.

At Atlantic Records we had a large area which was used for this purpose and was called the art file room.  When material was returned, the art production department would then store it alphabetically in bins.  Because of space consideration these bins would, periodically, have to be cleared of material that was no longer needed.  As I was leaving the office one evening I passed a large pile of boards left in the hallway ready to be discarded. I decided to rummage through the pile to see if there was anything I wanted to hang on my wall at home or in the office.  There I came across the original color print used for the front and back covers of the Rolling Stones Black and Blue album.  I decided that rather than have this go in the trash, I would take it home.”

An excellent decision.

The photographer, Hiro, is a highly respected and very collectible photographer in his own right.  He has printed this image only once, in an edition of 10, and these sold out many years ago at $10,000 .

He hasn’t never sold prints of this photograph otherwise.  As this is the original artwork used to produce this famous album cover, however, this print is truly unique and historically important.   The images Hiro’s studio stamp on the bottom right edge of the mount board.

The print measures 27 3/4″ x 18 7/8″, and the art board measures 31 1/2″ x 21.”   A truly museum-quality piece of rock history.

Price on request. Please contact Jeff Gold at Recordmecca.com


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