The greatest Rolling Stones album deserves the most creative record store display.

I’m happy to say I’ve once again acquired my favorite Rolling Stones record store display.
Standing close to 48″ tall with near naked Mick in black an blue covering himself with nothing more than Andy Warhol’s now infamous record design.

Incredibly striking for the time, remember this was 1971, as out there as you get.
The Stones never afraid to push the boundaries of what might be considered as “bad taste.”
But, that’s why we love ’em.

I also learned or realized something that perhaps I should have known already.
This Mick figure often turns up without the back part of the display.
It’s often sold as just the figure described as a variation of the display.


It’s more than likely the figure with the tabs cut off.

This Mick is die cut and stands away from the back of the display with various tabs that insert into slots on the back of the display, giving him a 3-D look.

The one I previously owned had the Mick stuck to the back of the display.
I could see the slots the tabs were supposed to fit in, but they weren’t there.

I can now thankfully cross this off the want list.
Thanks Ken.

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