Mick Jagger thanks the readers of 16 Magazine for their love and support.

Gloria Stavers was known for being single minded regarding the image of “her” magazine. Her main priority was giving her teenage female reader base what it wanted, and what they wanted, according to Stavers, was the feeling of being “close” to their favorite stars. Stavers would receive more than 300 letters per day addressed to her from teenagers. She read every letter and took their words to heart, and then tried to use the magazine to address the concerns that were often written off as “silly” by adults.

As an editor, she eschewed serious or controversial subject matter for 16 Magazine interviews. Rather than asking a celebrity about social issues, she preferred to discuss more personal and lightly intimate topics such a celebrity’s favorite color or meal or to ask him who his idea of whom a “dream date” would be. Her style of interviewing was referred to as the “Forty Intimate Questions.” Her first interview using that format was with the Canadian pop singer Paul Anka.

Stavers, in her writings, attempted to make the celebrity appear approachable and “attainable” for her young readers. In short, the celebrity was a “surrogate boyfriend” for the reader. If the artist was married, in a long term relationship or was not heterosexual in orientation, that fact was never mentioned in the magazine.

In her editorial content, Stavers seldom if ever wrote critical or unflattering prose regarding any celebrity. She preferred to focus on the positive qualities of the “faves.” She ignored those celebrities and musical acts whom she felt would not capture her readers interest, or those who failed to capture her personal interest. If the “fave” appeared to have fallen out of favor, then Stavers merely stopped covering that celebrity in the magazine, and then would find someone else to feature.

Despite frequently using a teenzine shorthand for some words such as “fave” for favorite, and “cuz” for the word because, Stavers was a stickler for correct spelling and grammar.

By the mid-1960s and throughout the early 1970s, Stavers was encountering fierce competition from other teen magazines such as Tiger Beat. She also had competition from other journalists now focusing their attentions on the rock music scene such as Patricia Kennealy and Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone magazine.

In 1975, Stavers left 16 Magazine after a publishing dispute. After her departure from the magazine, Stavers worked as a freelance writer and photographer, and she gathered information and outlined a biography about Jim Morrison. She also spent time learning about spirituality, particularly Buddhism.

In 1983, Stavers, a long term smoker, died of lung cancer at Presybterian Hospital in New York. She was 56 years old at the time of her death.

There has been so much buzz and activity in the auction world lately around rare signed or autographed items, I decided to share a set from my collection that should continue that buzz and chatter for awhile.

Autographs are RED HOT now, both on ebay and in the major auction houses that deal in signed memorabilia.
Gotta Have It, Heritage and Julien’s to name a few.
Early Rolling Stones photos and signed cards are setting some crazy record prices.

Read some of my previous posts on signed items.

This is an incredible set of autographs with a great story and history behind it.
This came from my good friend Jeff Gold of Recordmecca in LA. (One of the best if you ask me.)
We have done business now for many years, and I have never been disappointed in my dealings with him.

He over delivers.

A bit on Jeff.
He is as honest as the day is long.
He’s extremely knowledgeable, and if he doesn’t know something, he’ll tell you.
He’s a pleasure to deal with.

And……..he gets some of the best and rarest shit you’ll ever see.


Jeff obtained this amazing set directly from the files of the late Gloria Stavers, Editor-in-Chief of 16 Magazine.

Mick wrote this letter to the fans of 16 Magazine, thanking them for their support and even hinted to go out and see them on the next tour.
This letter was likely reprinted in the magazine.

I’m still looking for this issue by the way….hint, hint.

The rest of the band signed separate 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of white paper for Gloria to use anytime, whenever the magazine needed to reprint their signatures for an article or to put on a photo pin up.

Large, super clean with rock solid provenance, makes this a one of a kind set of signatures.
When you buy a set of signatures like this, it gives you a real appreciation for what the word “rare” really means.


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