Rare Rolling Stones memorabilia that’s rarely seen.

As far as collectors go, I’m pretty much a newbie.
There are plenty of folks out there that have been at this a lot longer than me.
They were buying in the early days scoffing up displays, toys, posters, autographs, when no one saw any of this stuff as being at all valuable.
It was for all intents and purposes seen as junk for Stones cuckoos and fanatics.

They had the last laugh.

Here’s a bunch of early Stones items that I’ve yet to see or run across.
Once in a great while you hear one of these babies sold privately for some sick amount of money.
On occasion they may show up in auction also commanding top dollar.

It’s stuff like this that keeps me collecting and constantly on the hunt.
Back to eBay.
Wish me luck.

Photo courtesy of Matt Lee.

Picture 1_2 Picture 1_3

Picture 5_11 Picture 4

Photo courtesy of Ira Korman


One comment

  1. Peter apyrka

    I have an extremely rare document for sale that nobody has ever seen but the Stones, Robert Frank and the lawyers and courts..I have a copy of the 1977 injunction that the Rolling Stones served on Robert Frank to stop the screening of ” Cocksucker Blues” The 4 Stones initials are in the margin. This is a copy of the original which is a court document that can’t be copied.

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