You’re no rock star, until they make you into a doll.




Too be immortalized in plastic with fake hair and a tiny replica guitar.
Isn’t that what every rock star dreams about?
To be cuddled by their fans in bed every night?
Seems like you don’t even have to be inducted into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame to have a miniature figure in a blister pack hanging in a hobby store these days.
Check out the McFarlane Toy line and others.
Joey Ramone, Sid Vicious, Jim Morrison, Jimi, Janis, you name it, there are figures galore.
They are truly amazing works of art.
Impeccable likenesses.
Detailed and adorned with love beads, guitar straps, amp cords and microphones so real looking you think you could sing into them.
Back in the day, like say the 60’s, well you were lucky if you could tell Paul from Ringo.
Well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch.

Here’s a few pics of dolls from the 60’s unlicensed that are supposed to be the Stones. They were marketed under the “Play-Pal” name and have no markings relative to any of the Stones.

What do you think?

Charlie Watts?

Charlie Watts?

Keith Richards???

Keith Richards???

Brian Jones?

Brian Jones?


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