Way before Guitar Hero, real plastic guitars.

Years before the Guitar Hero craze kids actually played sort of real guitars to emulate their Guitar Heroes like Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison.

Picture 4Picture 5_11Picture 9

Manufacturers like Selcol Industries of England made plastic guitars in all shapes and sizes for fans emblazoned with facsimile autographs and pictures of The Stones and The Beatles on them.

Back in the 60’s these would sell for under $10.

Today the Stones guitar is worth in the area of $2000-2500 depending on condition.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Picture 1_3 Picture 1_2 Picture 1


image image


SelcolDrumOM194b SelcolDrumOM194c SelcolDrumOM194d SelcolDrumOM194e SelcolDrumOM194f SelcolDrumOM194g SelcolDrumOM194e2 SelcolDrumOM194h SelcolDrumOM194i SelcolDrumOM194j SelcolDrumOM194a SelcolDrumOM194k


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