Keith Richards was wearing pirate shirts way before Johnny Depp.

largeputlandGreenberg-rockhall (8 of 39)IMG_2704This is for me perhaps the most interesting area of collecting.
It’s been a focus of mine for the last few years. Items owned and worn by the artists.
It’s also the easiest area to get screwed and ripped off in.
How real are the items?
How do you verify their authenticity?

Two tough questions.

As I have mentioned before, do your homework, buy from only the most reputable dealers, and ask a lot of questions before sending the check.

The photos here are the real deal.
The linen shirt I bought from a high end auction house but not before researching the crap out of it.
I tracked it back to the UK, a Christie’s auction and bought the catalog in which it was featured.

I tracked down and talked to the photographer, Michael Putland that took the photo that was displayed with the shirt.
Michael is a well known photographer in England that photographed the Stones extensively throughout the 70’s.
He was assigned to shoot the stills at this video shoot.
The shirt was worn during the filming of the “Respectable” video to promote the release of the critically acclaimed “Some Girls” album in 1978.
Got from him additional photos from that shoot that showed the shirt up close.
I then matched up the stitching, seams, etc. to make sure the shirt shown in the pictures I found was the same one being sold.
As I was told, seldom do designers make only one of something.

Below is the description direct from the auction catalog.


A ‘pirate-style’ shirt of white muslin, slashed to the waist and fastening with wrap-around ties, the material finely gathered at the shoulders, the loose sleeves trimmed with a ruff — worn by Richards on tour in America and Europe in the mid to late 1970s and given by him to the vendor Prince “Stash” Klossowski de Rola NOTES Prince Stash designed this shirt for his own use in 1975. Richards’ however took an instant liking to his friend’s shirt and according to Prince Stash, wore it himself extensively while on tour in Europe and the States in the 1970s, before returning it to its original owner.

None of this was detailed or described in the auction listing.

Prince Stash Klossowski De Rola, known to the Stones as “Stash”.
Hmmmm, wonder why?
He was the son of Balthus Klossowski de Rola, an esteemed Polish/French modern artist.
He was also Keith’s roommate from the early days.

Check out the picture of the guitar referred to as “Little Queenie,” part of the Hard Rock’s collection.
Also a gift from Stash to Keith.



Finally I decided to place a bid.
I stole the shirt for all intents and purposes.
It should have sold for a lot more money and is worth 3 times what I paid given all the photos and information I have found since.

But I did enough up front to have the confidence, it was real.

putland_keith_shirt2 putland_keith_shirt

From Knebworth. 




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