The Rolling Stones are off to jail, again. Collecting rare early press photos.


Sometimes you can’t be there.
But you can usually count on the press to be.
I got interested in buying press and wire photos a few years ago.

They sell online, ebay of course, through people who have cleaned out the file cabinets and drawers of photo, press and newspaper services.

Just imagine literally thousands and thousands of photos that have appeared in magazines and newspapers over the years being selling anywhere from $5 up to sometimes $40-50 a piece.

Of course it depends on the situation, who’s in the photo, and what particular event it happens to be capturing.

In the case of The Rolling Stones, I became obsessed with their various drug charges and photos of them being ushered in and out of the courtrooms of London.

Go figure.
A weird area to focus on, but I found there were plenty of photos to be bought thanks to the Stones and their party drug crazed lifestyle in the 60’s.



Usually these photos are written on the reverse in hand, detailing the story and event, as well as stamped by the photo or press service.

In the case of the above photo, a very detailed type written story of Mick and Keith being brought up on drug charges stemming from the infamous Redlands raid on Keith’s home.


How to still look cool while getting busted for possession of pep pills.


Mick and Marianne after posting bail for possession of cannabis, 1969.


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